I moved to London!

     I have moved to London!

Shepherd's Bush street
Shepherd’s Bush street

I moved to London mid-May with my boyfriend, and we have found a beautiful one bedroom apartment in Shepherd’s Bush area. We absolutely love it so far.

I am actually doing an Internship for Schon! Magazine, which I am really enjoying, and overall taking the time to discover London.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.59.13
Spring in Chelsea

I have taken a few pictures from the streets which I thought were beautiful, you can see the beginning of spring with the flowers blooming, the cute streets of Chelsea, Notting Hill and Shepherd’s bush,and the majestic white residential houses which I believe, is the whole charm of London.

Street in Shepherd's bush
Street in Shepherd’s bush


Phil and I discovered this street in Shepherd’s bush as we were walking back from a great Sunday, biking through Hyde Park. We tried to bike back all the way but the streets were a bit too busy for me to ride on, and we decided to walk back. The whole neighbourhood follows this slanted circular shape which is really impressive.

I haven’t have the time (and money!!) yet to really discover pubs and restaurants in London but will make sure to make it my priority to write about!


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