My top Instagram Accounts

Hello everyone,

So I thought I would take the time today to tell you about my love for Instagram. I am sure everyone has an account or at least have heard of Instagram. I actually recently saw this very funny video on “the Instagram boyfriend” which I will put on this post because it is just so funny if you can relate to it. I would have to admit that I “sometimes” make my boyfriend, or mom (she takes really good IPhone pictures) to take a picture of me in a certain situation just so I can later post it on Instagram… I am sure I am not the only guilty one here… I hope! No, I know for a fact that my best friends do the same.

So here I am posting cute and artsy pictures of my food, outfits, travels or just myself on Instagram, but I would have to admit that it isn’t about the amount of likes you get (I swear!) but it is more for me and my friends to share some type of blog where we can share here and now what we are eating/seeing/feeling etc.

So where I am getting to is actually really simple; I love Instagram. But there is a reason to this statement. Yes I love going back to my feed and seeing old Instagram pics that bring back memories and such but we also have Facebook for that. What I have recently been loving about Instagram is the branding that my favourite fashion and accessory companies have been doing on Instagram.

I most recently WON! yes WON a watch on Instagram by entering a photography competition. I had been absolutely obsessed with these watches (The Fifth Watches) this amazing Australian watch company who make the prettiest watches at the moment. If you are not following them on instagram at the moment- go do it now. The very smart way they actually advertise their brand is solemnly on Instagram – so they get photographs and watch owners (like me) to take cool pictures with their watches and use it for their own advertisement. It is not only smart but so pretty to scroll down through their pictures.

Another reason why I love Instagram is for healthy recipes. Some of the accounts I follow are #anneauchocolat (delicious desert pictures) #thenakedfig Β and #foodieflatlays. I still havent decided what this amazing effect of taking pictures of delicious looking food on Instagram is coming from but I love it.

Lastly I will have to admit, I just love following pug and national geography accounts. I mean who doesn’t love to see a pug on top of a cliff with a hat on? If you do you should follow: #pugventurephoto!

All this to say that you can find anything you want on Instagram, you can even follow your celebrity crush and get more personal pictures of them (yes I believe celebrity do update their own Instagram accounts)

So if you aren’t following the fifth watches yet go do it now, and you will see how generous they are with their competitions and gifts every month! Also if you have more favourite Instagram accounts I would love to hear about them!!

Instagram Husband Video (hilarious!)


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