My most recent trip was to Dubrovnik, a beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Even thought it is known for being the biggest tourist destination in the region of Dalmatia, we were lucky enough to go off season in November.  The city itself is one of the most beautiful, and photogenic cities I have ever seen. The old marble streets, with the magnificent city walls enable you to travel to another period in time.

I couldn’t help myself and recognising the city door, the harbour and other beautiful areas from the famous TV show “Game of Thrones” and felt special to be at Kings Landing itself.

The food in Dubrovnik is very interesting, along with its very peculiar culture and people. My boyfriend and I couldn’t figure out if the culture was closer to the latino culture, with their amazing pizzas, friendly wine bars and street music, or whether they had more in common with more eastern europeans, with their strong language and their tasty beers! Overall Croatians in Dubrovnik are very friendly, always there to help and have great hospitality skills.

During our trip however we were not in Dubrovnik itself but up in the mountains in the beautiful Kompas Hotel. The hotel had just been renovated and the decor was just beautiful. The funny thing was that because the hotel was up on a mountain along the sea, you entered the reception on the top floor. The reception had huge glass window which allowed you to look out on the beautiful turquoise sea.

You cannot run out of things to do in Dubrovnik, whether you are in the city, or 20 mins away from the city, and coming off season won’t restrict the possibility of activities either. We went in the water a couple of times (yes even in November!) and jumped off cliffs into the beautiful refreshing water, walked along the walls, visited the aquarium, went to the war museum and visited the island close to the city called Lokrum where you can find rabbits and pheasants all over the place! The highlight of my trip was I believe the dead lake on Lokrum which you can see on my picture. It was so peaceful and beautiful and really regretted not taking my bathing suit.

Overall Dubrovnik was amazing! It really is a mix of a relaxing holiday by the beautiful sea, and a very historical and cultural holiday!